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What Exactly Is a “Hipster Noir,” You Ask?

This sounds like my next favorite book series! Can’t wait to read this.


Well, I’m happy to report that I’m finally able to tell you all what exactly a “hipster noir” is, now that I’ve finished the brief synopsis of my very first supernatural, metaphysical mystery novel.

What started out as a series of comic character sketches back in May of 2013 during my morning commute to work somehow took form and became my very first 60,000-word novel by January of 2014. I had been calling it Hipster Noir, mainly because my main character, a private eye named Sebastian Holden, was inspired by a noired-up fellow I saw while waiting for a table at Otto in NYC. He was dressed like an old school detective, complete with trench coat and matching hat. The only thing that struck me as off-kilter was his great bushy beard, straight out of a day trip to Williamsburg (or, these days, Jersey City).

If Fred McMurray here had a grizzly beard, he'd be a dead ringer for Sebastian Holden, P.I.. If m’man Fred McMurray…

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The Gravel King’s 8 Year Moped Adventure

Sean Michael Hayes

Willem first came to South America in 2005. Since then he has explored most of the continent by moped.  Now in Bogota, Colombia, he plans to purchase a new moped and continue his journey.  The Gravel King rides on…

The Gravel King

          My first week staying in Bogota I met a an incredibly fascinating Dutch man who goes by the name of Willem.  His first four years in South America he traveled extensively by moped until he finally ran out of money in San Rafael, Argentina.  He used that as a home base for two years but his adventures didn’t stop there.  He has ridden over 35,000 Kilometers since he first arrived in South America and now he just arrived in Colombia to buy a new moped and continue living in a way that would rival the Dos Equis Most interesting man in the World.”

One of…

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I AM – A Poem

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…The Traditional Publishing Empire…my part in its downfall… by Seumas Gallacher

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A Fine Romance

Poesy plus Polemics




piece me
with rainbows
and ritual
sweeten my wine
with your tongue
take my essence
and make of it
what you will
for I no longer
need myself
now that you
fixed what
was broken
my husk can
contain and
protect you
we two
a new we
a new whole


(originally posted January 2014)

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A Letter to Lilly (The deception of marriage)


Work on Lion Hearts is now well underway, with the excellent prose of Maree Ward Russell bringing chapter after chapter of romance, tragedy and adventure. I am very proud to be working with such an accomplished and successful novelist and prouder still to see my work included into the story in such a skilful manner.

It’s been a while since I published anything, so an apology for that – but here is a letter I wrote recently for the book – you will have to buy it to find out what chapter and how it fits, but for now you can have at least a taste. I hope you like it!

Lion Hearts will be out later in 2014!

Dearest Lilly,

Weep not this moment, bound by duty – but retreat all love and fall not to battle. The body may serve the wish of fate but a heart will…

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Beauty and the Beat

Street of Dreams

This video for what it worth is amazingly well done. It’s also interesting to see Belle thrust into a different culture. Of course, since it is a satire, it plays up stereotypes which rhetorically I have a few issues with……Regardless though, it took real talent to craft the entire production.

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to you~love,me


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New Years Resolution: 500 words a day writing challenge

I know we have all heard it or said it. This year will be different. I’ll (fill in the blank) lose the weight, work out more, Write every day. Well the challenge has been issued and I have accepted. Write 500 words a day every day for the month of January. Jeff Goins at issued the writing challenge. Some of you know me so you already know how hard I struggle some days to write even a sentence. That is why I accepted this challenge. I figure if I announced publicly I would write every day then I would have to. This is a New Year and this will be my year and my fresh start. I can’t believe I haven’t written anything here in so long! It’s embarrassing. 2013 was an amazing year for me, so many great things happened. I conquered my fear of flying by taking a trip to London, England last September for the world premiere of an awesome indie film by an incredibly brilliant writer/director Simon Horrocks whom I had the honor of meeting and with great pleasure call him friend. I also overcame my fear of heights which you have no choice but to do if you are in England because there are escalators everywhere!!!! I met so many amazingly talented people! I also started an online magazine Living the indie life which I am very proud of. The magazine is my way of trying to pay it forward. So many people supported me when I began my journey as a writer and I know without the help I would not be where I am today. I can not wait to see what 2014 will bring my way. I know this post was not 500 words but I will pick up the slack with working on my book this evening. I hope every one has an awesome New Year. I will be writing every day on the blog as well as working on my book. There you have it! I will write 500 words everyday! No more Excuses!

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For today’s blog I have decided to make a return to Lion Hearts and another poem for the coming tour.

Rapture is a bitter sweet story of sensuality that finds its raison d’être from the Lion Hearts essay Departure.

For those unfamiliar with Lion Hearts, I will quickly fill in some gaps. We have two lovers, parted by war and distanced by miles, they battle winter with lonely hearts and by spring are reunited.

But after a summer of wonderful memories, the sands ebb and war calls once more. Our lovers embrace, their moments racing, night tripping toward new light. Dawn will bring a departure, and another season of missing.

Extracts from the Essay
But for the grace of days in turning, such memories should be lost. Yet now, I would stop time in sacrifice of morning, and all for the preservation of a moment. I yearn once more…

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